Have you been waiting to be coached by Dr Pompa? This is your chance! Watch the video and hear about his new option in personal coaching!

My passion for coaching has evolved from my own sickness. From pain to purpose has been my mantra. I am blessed to coach doctors around the world and individuals with health issues, and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have the knowledge, compassion, or the driving purpose if I hadn’t been sick myself. Years of debilitating anxiety, sleepless nights, intolerant to everything I was eating, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, and this is just scratching the surface of my life at that time.  

Out of this grew Cellular Detox and the Multi-Therapeutic Approach (MTA), that has now changed thousands of lives around the world. I would never say that I have all the answers, but I do believe this the only, real, effective, and safe program that addresses the real cause of why people are getting sick today.

Many of you have been waiting for an opportunity to coach with me regarding your health, but I can only work with so many at a time. 

To date, I have only coached one on one because to truly help someone with their challenges a protocol always needs to be unique to the individual.

Many of you know I coach other doctors and practitioners on my Multi-Therapeutic Approach, which utilizes my fasting strategies, cellular healing and Cellular Detox. What I have learned with the doctors has allowed me to create this new model of group coaching. 

When coaching these doctors I do it in groups of 10 at a time. While I have been doing this for years, it finally hit me as I watched the synergy of learning take place in the group. One of the things I do for the doctors is that I personalize for each of them an individualized protocol based on my Multi-Therapeutic Approach.  

So ultimately my discovery was that the personalized protocol that is needed for lasting results was not only possible in a group of 10, but I believe it is magnified because of the learning synergy that inevitably occurs within the group.

I am starting for the first time a public group coaching (max 10 people) for the next 6 months starting on November 20th.  

Even though it is a group, my goal remains the same as when I take on an individual: to teach you what you need to know to get your life back. I always say my goal is to be your “last stop.” You will graduate with an individualized protocol and an understanding of how to utilize my Multi-Therapeutic Approach, consisting of moving in and out of ketosis, feast famine cycling, prep phase, body phase, brain phase and even preparing and walking  you through an extended fast (partial fast or a water fast) which will be individualized depending upon your cellular health.  

My greatest irritation in alternative medicine/natural health is with those who push a treatment for a chronic condition but can never produce a lasting result. The greatest value is me teaching you what I teach my doctors, and therefore, you will in fact, be able to do this work long enough with me and then beyond to achieve a REAL, lasting result.

As I stated above, the challenge is that Cellular Detox and the Multi-Therapeutic Approach and even fasting strategies that I teach are different for everyone. This small group coaching model allows for enhanced teaching and learning similar to what we have experienced with my network of doctors.  

There is even a financing option to make it doable for anyone.

I am really excited about the group and know it's an answer for so many people. I am still doing individual coaching but with my limited time, I will reserve those spaces for the hardest cases. 

We have done one group and it yielded amazing results for the participants.  We are working on getting testimonials shortly.